Rongwen Cooper Lighting Ltd Company Profile

1.Corporate Story

Suzhou Rongwen Cooper Lighting Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SRCL) is a joint venture with Cooper Industries. Founded in 1984 as Taicang South China Lighting, it is now a division of Suzhou Rongwen Group. SRCL has an estimated total asset of 236.7 million RMB and employs over 500 people, including 20 industry experts, in its 40,000-sqm manufacturing facility. In 2013, its revenue reached 307.56 million RMB.

An award-winning company, SRCL produces over a thousand lighting fixtures and related products for worldwide markets. Its products include spotlights, clearance lamps, track lights, recessed down lights, oyster lights, exit and emergency signs, etc. SRCL boasts a wide range of innovative and high-tech die-processing, manufacturing and testing equipment. It also has a comprehensive quality control system to ensure its products meet the highest standards such as China?ˉs CCC, the United States?ˉ UL, Canada?ˉs CAS, and the ISO9000 series including ISO9002, ISO9001-2000, ISO9001-2008. Meanwhile, SRCL consistently upgrades its manufacturing procedures to minimise pollution and realise corporate social responsibilities.

2.Operation Summary

SRCL has implemented a series of management measures to boost production capacity and quality control, which include reorganizing assets and resources, updating software and hardware, controlling cost and safety, as well as introducing 5S management and specialized technical training. The company also shapes an innovative corporate culture by organising multiple events to facilitate internal communications and enhance corporate cohesion.

To take advantage of rising opportunities, SRCL stresses product R&C and designs innovative market penetration strategies. The company anticipates strong growth in both Chinese domestic market and European, North American, Oceanian and South Asian markets, as predicted by the sustained growth in sales in the last three years.





Sales Volume (Unit)

26.5 million

31 million

45 million

Sales Revenue (RMB)

188.62 million

219.33 million

307.56 million

Tax Paid (RMB)

2.1227 million

3.7845 million

1.4872 million


The global lighting market has undergone a sea-change. Seizing the opportunities, SRCL expands the product line of Emerald, builds the brand image, and enhances its market share. Working with the Rongwen research team at Dongguan, SRCL has achieved a breakthrough in designing the next-generation LED lights. The design has been approved by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. Manufacturing innovations abound. For example, SRCL replaces metal shell with aluminum shell, which has better performances in rust proofing, heat output and lifespan. It also uses insulating elements to replace traditional sealing for higher reliability, and thickens the power valve to increase stability.

Furthermore, the company regularly communicates with the research teams of Cooper Industries regarding product material solutions and conducts technical exchange with experts across nations to cut cost and improve quality and techniques. Vigorous research and technical training programs keep the company abreast with leading technologies and market trends and maintains its production capability and market competitiveness.

SRCL upholds a customer-first philosophy, which explains its priority on product quality and customer experience. Its quality control system effectively keeps exceptionally high product acceptance, customer satisfaction, and batch acceptance rates. No severe accident has occurred, and the customer complaint PPM rate is below 1500.

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges in the lighting industry, SRCL implements integrated production and marketing strategies to increase its competitiveness. Its advanced technologies and high quality standards not only turn Emerald into a top-notch brand but create value for its clients.

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