Siyuan Bridge

Siyuan Bridge 

Siyuan Bridge: the Perfect Combination of Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern Technology 
The concept of ?°green lighting?± stands out in the lighting of Siyuan Bridge. Xiangyun, or Auspicious Cloud, Light was a brand new design for exterior decorative lighting. The light source is high-brightness LED. The light guided through the glass rods creates a bright oval, representing floating clouds in the sky. This modern and elegant design received wide acclaim. 

The reference to the traditional auspicious clouds highlights Siyuan Bridge?ˉs status as the ?°national gate.?± The lighting of Siyuan Bridge uses the color scheme of a traditional palace, with red columns and golden yellow top. The bridge is elegant and colorful, representing the charm of Beijing and welcoming guests from all over the world. The well-lit Siyuan Bridge added to the festive atmosphere of the Games and showcased traditional Chinese culture.

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