Jianxiang Bridge
Jianxiang Bridge: Dancing Vitality 

The award-winning lighting of Jianxiang Bridge uses high-efficiency energy-saving lights, advanced LED module, and German VS professional connection technology and high-tech control system. The design of the luminaire plan best exemplifies the idea of green lighting. 

Located at the intersection of the North Fourth Ring Road and Badaling Highway, Jianxiang Bridge is the gateway to Beijing. The lighting of Jianxiang Bridge combines the Olympic culture with the traditional Chinese culture, sports with dance, and the rhythms of the bridge with the vitality of sports. 

This lighting project has unique designs. The soundproof panels are lit with stage lights. To achieve an effective color scheme, it uses small stage lights to ensure high color saturation, highlighting the arc of the soundproof panels and complementing the arc -shaped decorative lights. The arc-shaped decorative lights use transparent high-strength PC and LED light sources. The lights are streamlined and modern. The arc follows the curve of the soundproof panels and the bridge, representing the vitality of sports. The continuous isometric arcs highlight the dancing rhythm of bridge. The curved plates of the decorative lights are transparent during the day and translucent at night, maximizing the decorative effects of the bridge.

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