The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Unique and Classic 

Completed in 1999, the lighting modification program of Tian?ˉanmen City Gate Tower was part of a project to upgrade Beijing landscape lighting for the commemoration of the fiftieth year of the founding of the People?ˉs Republic of China. For a project like this, there were hardly any precedents. To showcase the grandeur of the Tian?ˉanmen, lights need to be small, light, bright, and high color rendering. 

After numerous testing, GE 4-degree-angle halogen light was used, and the color-rendering index was above 90. The arc of the roof tiles makes it impossible for any single light source to light all the tiles. To complement the halogen light, Hylun designed a small light with narrow light beam to further light up the tower. The two complementary lights were praised by clients and experts alike.

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