Guohua Power Plant Chimney

Beijing Guohua Power Plant Chimney

Located at the intersection of the East Fourth Ring Road and Chang?ˉan Avenue, Guohua Power Plant chimney is a landmark in the CBD and one of the first that visitors will come across on the way from the airport to the city. The lighting of the 240-meter chimney is an exemplary case in lighting design and engineering. Painted in silver, the chimney blends into the sky during the day, but at nighttime, the lit chimney, particularly its ?°crown,?± is a dazzling sight.  

The lighting of Guohua chimney is a technical breakthrough in the installation of lighting systems on high-rise structures. Hylun overcame many technical difficulties in the project, such as installing the steel structure at the top, finding light sources with a long lifespan, and directing the light with remote control. With 9 columns of light at the top and 48 columns of light around, the crossing rays constantly change color and form a virtual space that adds to the festivity of the Olympic Games. Wash lights, projector lamps and laser lamps turn the chimney into an even more glamorous structure.







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